6 Strongest Cars Which Really Exist !

6 Strongest Cars Which Really Exist !

hi welcome to PTI today we are counting down the powerful
strongest cards in practical life which are best and can do anything beyond the
capability number six the Land Rover Discovery
sport do you want to train engine and a car as well then now the Land Rover
Discovery sport is your need this is a mini train concept as well
cheaper than a train having semi autonomous driving technology and it’s
180 PS Ingenium engine make it powerful beast carves it pulls three train
carriages nearly 60 times its weight which is a hundred tons completed six
mile tow without a dove low-range gearbox car Richards lead engineer for
stability control systems at Jaguar Land Rover said towing is in Land Rovers DNA
and despite Discovery sport being the smallest model in the range it has
proved his exceptional towing capability number five Toyota Tundra it is no more
different than a car design the space shuttle landed Los Angeles Airport there
are publicity stunts and then there’s using a Toyota Tundra to tow the 145
times space shuttle Endeavour from Los Angeles the California Science Center
and matter of safe and protected from scratches it is the first time when a
shuttle moves through an urban street the heat coming out and people are
excited on printed wine mission completed number four Volkswagen Touareg are you
not satisfied with Land Rover want something more so the car has v10 TDI
engine which is loaded with 4.3 x ballasts for better grip with ground and
it will stop spinning of wheels now the real examination begin car is tested
against extreme condition it will have to show the a 747 jumbo jet 155 tonnes
amazingly the tarick’s air suspension and wheels are standard now miracle is
happening a little car is trying to pull something really big oh my god it’s
moving heartbreaking moment guys this is really awesome number three the Nissan Patrol this is
an amazing struggle of a car this is man vs. wild nay it is car vs. airplane 170
tons getting excited it’s cool launched in 2012 Nissan Patrol challenge invited
people from the Middle East region to dream up a challenge that really pushes
the patrol to its limit so when a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan and see
their idea come to life because Nissan middle-east always aimed at exceeding
its customers expectations the winning idea of filling our cargo plane was
taken one step further to break a world record number two chevy cheyenne vintage
Chevy is in our list it is no more different than a car in the olden
commercials they demonstrated something heartbreaking and extremists work by
overloading far beyond normal capacity watch oh my gosh it’s moving with 187 tons
load bar beyond imagination number one Porsche Cayenne S diesel ever
wondered who would win a race between a jet aircraft and a Porsche supercar
Airport Chiefs at Oslo Airport decided to answer the question by setting up a
face-off between an Airbus a320 and a Porsche Panamera with a top speed of 150
miles per hour the plane in question here is an Airbus
a380 the world’s largest passenger aircraft and the car in question is a
Porsche Cayenne taking on the heaviest aircraft poll by a production car record
the Cayenne S Diesel pulled a 285 ton air france airbus a380 breaking the
previous Guinness world record by 115 tons the reason why this feat is
grabbing eyeballs besides the fact that the aircraft is 100 times heavier than
the car is that it is a standard Cayenne no modifications whatsoever the
adjudicator from Guinness World Records Robin Patel had this to say I verify
some amazing record attempts during my time for watching a Porsche Cayenne so
one of the largest aircraft in the world definitely ranked as among the most
spectacular so which one you think exciting are you
going to break the world record best of luck guys but don’t try this be
safe thank you for watching this top 10 information I hope it was educational
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  2. "Have u ever wondered who would win a race between a plane or a Porsche SUV..OH I MEANT SUPERCAR!!?"
    Well,not really

  3. the last if you knew about engines is far enough that the cayenne will move the airplane easily because is a diesel exactly these are engines mostly for trucks

  4. English grammar when producing English content is very important. Top ten but 6 listed? Tauareg???

    Chevrolet Silverado
    Ford F-450
    GMC Sierra
    Tesla Model X????

  5. The Hilux and Fortuner should be in the video as well. It can pull 170 tons without flooring the gas pedal.

  6. In the thumbnail I thought the plane was gonna crush the car and the car will survive????

    What was I thinking

  7. I hate when they make these videps the volkswagon can't even make my mome computer that's just bull shit

  8. "heartbreaking" you used this phrase twice . i dont think it means what you think it means . its "guiness" not "guinees"

  9. They are all strong but the Touareg v10 tdi r50 is the strongest car ever made fact

  10. to pull a shitload of weight all you need is lots of horsepower and good traction, as well as a strong driveshaft and a very robust transmission that won't give out when you putting a 140 ton load on it

  11. Have look at VL Commodore pull a plane it was done here in Australia in the late 80s and it was an Australian motor vehicle

  12. Guess what? I'm not surprised by the 'facts'… The pushback trucks already have the similar engine torque to pull/push a big plane. So, what are you trying to bring out? Lol

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