500 DPS Luna + Refresher Lone Druid DUO | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 113

500 DPS Luna + Refresher Lone Druid DUO | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 113

do you want to to do a losing streak with dazzle if I get a dazzle yeah hello you have time you try to win I have a bunch of so I don't know I got that five good mango oh my god you're lucky yeah I'm starting my bills I hope I get all the units I want so don't but don't believe me it gonna be completely sorry so right now these three units are part of your build no only the nature's prophet oh oh you're going to do someone's I got two tangos what the whoa we can do losing streak and recover with tango I didn't buy the dazzle though if I bought the dazzle yeah but no maybe I will go Knights maybe level 3 and level 6 I will be three nights three goblins I know what build you're going for for someone's but why would you say that because you say only nature's prophet is part of your build so he has someone's sorry based with someone's maybe I can go for your favorite rear hearers write your notes nature alright your build is just my favorite dog he knows yeah gonna be that's nice yeah I'm a good thing I have juggernaut right now but I don't have gold I got only two but I need CK's though I mean either upgraded Luna or CK as well to make me go Knights I don't know if I want to go Knights right now maybe I'll go assassins oh I'm going assassin you cough Pierre what oh you're forcing slark person's work for a half ba and I have goblins with two assassins let's go assassins Bob that's not good if there is something we could try to go both maybe it should be druids because they upgrade easy you know no not now maybe the Druids but if we go since it's very important to come three stars and we'll be taking each other so no I'm not finding to go assassins you can go we don't know what we go into around ten anyway in the beginning you just get units on the bench and see what upgrades and see what you can build around actually I lost the first two rounds might as well keep losing I think we are unintentionally doing the double losing streak because we're both losing you have +1 losing streak right yeah plus one yeah me too we're getting at I got the PA No I I was gonna lose and I took my does allowed that's big bigger that's super bit bigger I but I didn't know oh yeah it's fine okay maybe in this case I will send you PLA to review goes us in okay I think I'm going losing streak in tonight with troll or maybe in night with dragon I have good units to do that this goblins I don't even oh okay I'm losing to the guy at my left and right then it going for the same okay now it makes sense you're at my right what I was checking the run player at Salvation you think the other guys your teammate not me yeah one tango 4 HP easy very good Danielle you have doomed so early oh yeah two demons is good without intimate yeah it's very good I'm gonna make the interest already in the losing streak money's so you need queen of pain I can buy yeah can buy a bed rider and harmony but I almost too expensive yeah I bet if I win the round okay I see how many are going Knights one of them is one is going trolls one is going Knights another demon one is going demon okay one night and one troll if I go troll nights out have competition but it's one I'm going either troll night dragon night that's it I have troll warlord now amazing wait if I get I can actually start winning if I get no I can start winning now okay I go on a winning streak now okay okay okay let's go sell the bezel oh it's a good failure right yeah even I'm for trolls three nights no no I leveled up and everything I invested a lot of gold should Troy say okay in the corner not attacking all those clothes once an NGO plus three so okay there we go if you see a CK I will need some later okay maybe you're shooting a go assassin like urine you know not looking good in assassins yeah maybe you can do with the slide we can just do slark doesn't need a substance you can just do slark with Nagas we can just have to Nagas yeah and some business you did and warriors you're oh yeah what I did earlier today did you see that yeah for else insane build I need that whetstone to play business mask of madness on Luna okay I got CK nice okay lino swear to god man you're looking like one of the YouTube comments don't don't make me did you see flame what is the point okay tink tink what is the point of giving co-op now right now he will have a pair if he had to I will give him and he makes a two star and then he wins if I give him he has pair what's what is the difference between the coop sitting on my bench and his bench the difference is that I get for God hey then the UNSC a new kind of to Fagin I'm here waiting for for advice on to play my venomancer and keeping the assassins right that but I have a void stone in the Queen so I can sell the Queen you saw the Queen okay I also it – yeah I got a lever to his work I want to play this baby force higher build it's not too bad actually no it weren't Genovese you're abusing her oh I thought you will make gold you saw PA – oh nice i can sell PA you're not needing it right no I was holding it for you maybe I will play The Enchantress to have for business so I want this if you see I won't do it okay I can send you something good it will help a lot oh thank you thank you thank you very good you have void stone as well nice no you have I mean you cowboy stone you can't even say avoid stone I will make a refresher for the patina it's it's three seconds cooldown anyway on three star we have a demon damn your you know words are dealing some slowing his attack speed thank you here you're good good team with good teammates in front to I don't very often send units but when I do I send the most important ones they are the best here in the most important ones in the most important time like right now that was very good I'm sorry this is work I would like to play him but yeah you can do now go with him that's fine you're built with so many beasts has no disabled no resistance is no armor no nothing so you can at least play Naga but depends how many majors there are though but if I get 4 elementos do like even the summons it says our friend of the pieces no I think so I would like to have Sardar it's more than Oh Devon CK right event right now yeah no not right now yeah also ever done although all the Knights and trolls basically but not very expensive yeah yeah yeah yeah should I can't beat the walls man oh no treasure for you oh there is no charger at level 50 you don't need that item they need it I can send you yeah I will send you refresher and you send me mask madness I send avoid stone void stone I have voice tone I'm not kidding okay sentry I can't put okay I will put in in a task okay oh I forgot to put the this these dust is waving at me on my bench no item send him back and I put the mask of meds on venomancer no not just kidding I will send you actually the refresher is not so very good because he has no cooldown anyway but the fact that he will get two hundred percent mother yeah you will get so much mana regen maybe I go for six bits before research no not so bad not to be taken so why is this tusk on my bench where's my item I have been debated you can make one good yeah it's like you send me one gold yeah so I can put it in that drawer Ranger okay I'm saying you're not gonna be good do I have to play the drawer yeah if you want I have mask of madness straw and mask of madness Luna it's a mum beam you should put the the two in the same PC very stark very well they should all look at that refresher okay I'm watching I'm watching your board Luke he gets two hits mana two hits mana yeah yeah one more three imagine this is good yeah very good God we are gonna win because of that know that power shot I always like it when who in dangerous Pepe why does it have level three tiny yeah tiny yeah why does he have it I don't know why why because he's lucky okay actually where did the lucky min come from someone someone called me lucky in my game I think right yeah I was not in the industry this day yeah I think so I was I was playing and I won against someone call me lucky you get all the air you get all the units and I get nothing you're lucky okay my Troy say okay so much my pan adapter okay we're both taking damage but I take very little because I have dazzle okay have three pairs Mitro gets stuck I will do this like this okay he got more three stars than me and still call me lucky of course are you going to restart the no you have to come mr. boneau because you have I want to make another level two and sell this to put refresher in the hundred is it good ah yes it is more better you want to have two bears I only lost five life it feels good okay I have one win over you I need one but Ryder you if if you find one I'm asking you because it's not expensive I'm a good teammate Thank You Danny mmm this guy's going demon these guys going nights it's not good you did this game I don't think shuttle fee no Naga one mage there is one major only and they are first place so they're probably very strong maybe maybe not now now it's not needed for sure maybe later will be needed do you want more regional vino I have come oh I got hyperstone Who am I gonna who am I gonna put this attack speed Luna or troll it will be a bit hard to make three star Luna cuz his he's buying them as well it would be hard to make trow because one guy is buying true now only one guy's buying true that's not hard to make I have good carries Luna troll damn she attacks so fast man this Luna is insane but I can beat the governments are so strong people hire old a little bit they are very strong you have the demo guy both losing I'm doing a lot of damage okay if you find a pair of ABBA they can send you another it's cheating here for so long I should probably get upgrades and level up to nine I think I can put six six lights right now six nights and four trolls but not many upgrades or should I'm getting your units when you're getting my units okay I got some upgrades finally yeah yeah I think we have to go all in to hit the power spike I mean at least I have to hit my power spike you were kind of your only level seven yeah Oh your venom is because so many someone's I need the laundry one laundry that I can send you one is perfect yeah oh I got it I got it I got it but you have to make three stars so I can send you later and you're gonna replace with another van oh yeah I want to I to put I don't know if there it's a good move to put a refresher in the room because he can not he can miss the Manor and done no you just don't front line him yeah if you front line he can die maybe before he someone's the second bear but if he's on the back heel you'll get it okay I mean against that guy with mages maybe not well the majors destroyed me yeah when I get 6/9 I'll beat the majors probably okay that's what wait no after 25 right oh nice – star okay if you get one van oh I can send you to Venice and you make the the refresher on don't drill also if you find love with one laundry towel send you another okay I put this work for for nagger and it's a lot better so are done do you need a baton are you gonna keep it level level 2 level 2 level 3 I'm going to get Luna and CK only those you can send me only those okay if I decide to go for more I'll get them myself it's very expensive for you to send me yeah I'm really not whatever three yeah I think I'm gonna I don't have space right now I need it but I can't cover it right now okay I got the launder it okay can you make tryst you don't have tree and to make three star yeah okay I send you one van all right now you need two more Venom's – I have one and one handles well and I just need the trends I have the second part I need a trans now I don't want to make the expensive lingerie oh this guy's so strong and I beat him yeah then you hear the dogs yeah that's on the street I don't know it's not possible to hit on stream on stream they hear it only if I only if I speak when I speak I activate the the thing the microphone and then they hear it okay I need a space in my bench the I have one more gonna do you need it right now I needed in general maybe not right now I need it here I don't have space though you try to send me yet right but oh my gosh I have the no wait am I going 3-star troll I kinda want to do okay I will roll next round maybe I'll make space for the now you can sell the hundred did you find it yeah I have a after I need to find the the trend to make it level three and you need the ven oh yeah okay you can send me to and I have space now wait wait wait what's your lichen blue star two star and I going level three like I can send you one lichen okay send you one Munna okay a patent is you have space for the lichen yeah okay I got Luna 3 star now I have space on the bench I can just send you that zero three star Luna Luna is the main carry here even with Naga this matrix me oh really it's going to be only us or at the end anyway they need a crow or Romney no only no troll yeah I'm going for three star but I it's going to cost you so much I mean I'm not close to three star but I'll need it when you can Oh Trent got the Trent I was looking at your bench I appear immersed no it's just too much sometimes a you need a lot of APM yeah I want to see two bears show me show me and my stream two bears show us the two bears I don't know what what what is this bug something someone is stuck somewhere something happens but I don't know what oh yeah we have to wait it's only in the devil right yeah okay it's time for treasure and it's only us and the other guy so with with my built I beat the mage I think I'm pretty sure if I get a lot of night shields and the other guy is not strong the troll is not that strong so if you could how do you get stronger what do you treat leather recliner yeah lever what but wait for other metals is not good here they there is no melee now I need warlock to put some life still for this guy oh yeah I need what looks to actually what warlock and undead if I level 210 I can put Negro I need a van oh so badly yeah I don't know if I had one I mean I I'm not on the bench but if I your old one okay got to level three like on that's good I think you give the refresher to loan anyway even if you play a one-star better instead he's just there for the book those play words probably don't do much anymore two bears will probably do a lot more than six play words okay I did a lot of damage to one of them and you didn't lose nice yeah I don't think I will lose or maybe am i no no okay so yeah my Luna is a very fat carry right now then I'll get the van Oh daddy okay okay refresh sure did this guy and I have a white stone for the van oh oh it should be kV vikon okay maybe maybe I just I need to have up it and put or warlock I have one star bad driver by the way look at you he's some piece of bad Oh Vilnius attacked so fast yeah I did damage to one of them look you're gonna beat the damage your bear the bear – bear is Danny I have to bears are you singing yeah nice comeback yeah come back epic comeback the most epic comeback deval gone wrong so what should I do now try to make economy again to go away overnight yeah that's what I'm doing I'm going for 10 to put necro it will give me warlock in undead it's very big buff by the way if you see CK I need that CK oh I have one CK CK CK your batter either maybe CK batrider or necrophos oh my god oh he got that step 3 star I did damage to one of them but a little bit so shadowfiend left profit or necro what's the best work for me against the mage it's good macro necrosis yeah that's why I'll play in a crosswalk so much a we damaged and necro he'll say away you know that's pretty decent and here's my units as well yeah we take each other's units we don't like here right yeah I have a refresher and white stock in the big in the back holy they both lost yeah and I did like no damage so my Luna survived so I owe 500 DPS on my Luna I have 200 independent 200 DPS Banda I'm so bad at math when I need to calculate how many levels I need how many how much experience oh we need to reposition reposition oh it's okay wait maybe it's not okay yeah I'm just Dave gay yeah I was talking and doing the math oh you got your act okay that's not good very private to to see case which is the case yeah it's good for you of course thanks Rivera that means to thank you yeah Thank You Man oh I should send it with a broadsword we have C Creon and one above level 3 star level 3 star level 3 star yeah yeah now I'm very strong this troll guy will lose so hard the mage is much stronger maybe you won't lose if you need to start sending me some units I sell it to make good and be at level 9 a twister wave of them already yeah but look you're winning so hard already yeah I met him with some wife's too from Warwick's so 20 gold how much how much experience do you have 12 I need to any yeah I have it already yeah hmm I don't know why what how much do you need how much experience for I next turn next turn yeah yeah I will we can't hold it it's ok we I think we're OK ok I'm against mages I have the key B I'm like you see Naga Naga so good yeah Cotto is casting they don't take damage CK also thanks a lot even if he dies early he is also big tank I mean who else am I gonna frontline instead the necro CK's okay – tank hey maybe I could do something like I don't know some positioning like this maybe yeah maybe I can do like this maybe this way CK want one day oh he's dead yawning man check my my bear it's stuck nice we both did damage to them yeah I am in a big winning streak me too so I need okay I've got Nick Raghava – yes I need one as well for any two trolls for three star so we will get the items for two from trolls this cheddar fit is sick amazing right whoa with the DKB yeah but my Luna will destroy them oh yes nice shields and you need only what you need to make a better item you can go are they dead right now Oh six dollars six eight what do I need to make nothing I'm fine no you said I if I need to make something no an item on Luna you can mile you need only a javelin for the over yeah oh my god batter I dare to star not now we win I'm on a nine minutes into the game yeah I'm online now maybe they will lose to the neutrals because the mage the mage maybe will lose to them in a major traffic oh really not actually it is built the isolator yeah they I think they're going to lose three damage I lost as well you look oh i'm night 7ne I'm so good at this game nice man that was a nice comeback holy yeah that's good and you gave me units so you're not a bad teammate yeah I give you sometimes I'm so tired right now it's been only seven hours dream yeah thank you for the games Dani D yeah GG man see it what do we say if we upload on youtube we say if you enjoy the video please with like I try to post videos every day I also have a tweet go follow me and you can also say good luck and having fun playing video games


  1. have u tried pressing the wavy hand when being sent a unit? im pretty sure it is the "dont want" button, & will send it back.

  2. Come along with Him, Its a Danny and Uhtred and they will win every game and they love each other (adventure time version btw). KappaPride

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