5 Secrets Only Car Mechanics Know

5 Secrets Only Car Mechanics Know

rev up your engine today I’m gonna show
you the forgotten maintenance items that I’ve seen people over the years forget
to do and then it ended up costing them a small fortune in many cases because
they didn’t do them now one of the most forgotten things that’s easy to do is to
keep clean power steering fluid in your car it lasts a long time but it’s a good
idea every four or five years to replace because if you don’t you can end up like
this Honda van it’s a power steering rack that’s leaking and broken as you
can see it is an insane job to replace this thing because they built it by
putting a rack on then putting the engine and transmission in the motor
mount on top of this power steering rack now here’s the new one going on but as
you can see I got Jack’s all over the place I got a jack up the engine the
transaxle and even had to drop the subframe in the front down some to get
enough clearance all because the idiots who designed it this is the bottom of
the back motor mount it goes over the power steering rack and to get that off
you got to drop the subframe you got a jack the engine and transmission around
it is a royal pain in the rear end the power steering racks use power steering
fluid some of them are upwards of fifteen hundred pounds per square inch
if the fluid gets dirty it becomes like a cutting fluid high-pressure dirt
friction and it can cut through the seals to make it leak all you need is a
turkey baster like this suck the reservoir out tolls empty then pour in
power steering fluid in this case it’s genuine Honda power steering fluid
Honda’s are very particular about what they use you want to use Honda stuff and
Honda fill it up drive it around five minutes then suck it out again to the
reservoir do that five or six times you’ll get most of the fluid out and
it’ll be clean fluid because you don’t want to have to replace a leaking power
steering rack because a dirty fluid fluid doesn’t cost that much it’s an
easy job you can do yourself just do it every four or five years or so if you
keep your car’s a long time now the next thing that’s all forgotten is your air
filter how does
saying go out of sight out of mind air filters are hidden you don’t see
them but they get dirty I’m gonna get dirty you don’t suck enough air in the
engine cars burn thousands and thousands and thousands of square feet of air
burning gasoline if that filters clogged up you’re not gonna suck enough air in
you’re gonna use more gas let’s go to run poor too
quite a few times I’ve had customers bring me cars cuz they failed the state
inspection and the only thing that kept them from passing was a clogged air
filter when I took it out it was just covered in black so check it every once
in a while if you live in an area where it’s really dusty you can take it out
you can whack it on a bumper you can suck it with a vacuum cleaner to get the
dirt out and use it over I’ll make sure that you got it clean my advice is stick
a spare one in your truck just in case you don’t want to wear your engine out
because you got a dirty air filter yes you can’t see it it’s hidden away but
check it every once in a while especially if you live in a dusty area
like we get these dust storms that blow in from Africa here in Houston they got
a whole way over the Gulf come over here they clog on my big time with little
particles of sand and Dawson so you want to check your air filter yeah at least
once every five six months it’s no big deal on most cars no nice forgotten
maintenance item is the cabin air filter yes many cars have cabin air filters
this one’s hiding down in here it’s easy to get to watch this will just squeeze
this squeeze that side it comes inside here is the cabin air filter it’s just
gum top you take the cover off and you pull it out and lo and behold it’s full
of crap and why is it full of crap because Scotty’s been a bad boy he
doesn’t check it plus he parks owner this tree Chinese Tree of Life those
little meals are always falling off and they end up here so you can whack them
off later I’m gonna vacuum this off with a shop vac get the crud out it’s a
charcoal one which filters better get sort of smells and it’s really reusable
because you can keep cleaning and using it over a lot of these companies charge
a fortune for these stupid little things because it’s a cabinet your filter it’s
special probably cost a nickel to make you think so you might just buy a can
and you can use it over and over again and clean it versus buying a fifteen
twenty dollar paper one it’s gonna wear out faster then you got to keep buying
them yeah these costs more but in the long run you’re making out just make
sure you put them in the same way this was the dirty part so it’s the top it
just slides inside this one’s a different size each angle so you gotta
find the right one just make sure that ends point it up down you get the clip
that fits in here and snap it in place now the next maintenance item people
often forget about is your wiper blades what am on forget about them when it
rains they use them and half the time they won’t work you just need to clean
them every once in a while so that they last longer and wipe right and it’s real
easy just got a glass with a little bit of water in it then pour the same amount
of alcohol in there just about the same amount pour it in there you go they got
a clean shop towel like this should I get up below wipe it a bunch of times
look at all the crap that came off then wipe all that off and you got a nice
clean blade it’s gonna last longer now I used to use pure alcohol but I learned
my lesson I talked to a detailing expert and he says you want to mix half water
and half alcohol the alcohol can actually do too much damage to the
rubber on the blade well when you mix them it cleans it and it doesn’t really
take off too much so half water half alcohol and the next
forgotten thing is tire price you check your tire pressure every once a while
cold first thing in the morning your car is riding on air if you get low on air
you can have problems you where’s gas smudge it’s dangerous you can get flat
you can get blowouts simple things get a good gauge stick it in your glove box
and check it maybe once a month or something in a ver now if you got a nail
or something’s going on just check on baby want some wants it’s no big deal
but do it cold first thing in the morning that’s the truest reading now
the next item is like beating a dead horse but it’s got to be said change
your engine oil change it regularly engines costs sometimes over ten
thousand dollars oil is a lot cheaper friction will ruin your engine just make
sure you change it regularly and if you don’t drive much change it once a year
I’ve got videos on the whole thing but if you don’t do any maintenance on your
car except for one thing change the engine oil and the same thing
is true ru transmission all if you have an automatic transmission well you can
easily change the fluid yourself change it every forty fifty thousand miles I
don’t care if they say it’s a lifetime fluid now if you do have one of those
transmissions where it’s a real job to change it pay a mechanic to change for
the little amount of money you pay to change it you find out that a modern
computer controlled transmission I’ve seen some of them cost five or six
thousand dollars to either rebuild or replace with a rebuilt unit that your
trust was rebuilt correctly who knows but you want to change that fluid to
just get a little book write it down make sure that you’re not going to
forget this and your brakes they stopped your car they saved you well do not even
think about them check them every once in a while if they’re getting too thin
replace the pads you can see on these their still really thick that’s the pad part
here that’s the backing and the rotors that they squeeze sometimes it will warp
how do you check that it’s simple dived on aha we’re going 65 when hardly
anybody’s around then firmly apply your brakes if your steering wheel starts to
shake generally that means your rotors are warped and it makes us doing a
little shake because it’s pushing in and out it’s only a few thousands of an inch
but when you’re going 65 miles an hour now if you find that you hit the brakes
and the steering wheel doesn’t shake but the brake pedal pulsates that just means
that your rear rotors are warped and they need replacing
if you got a really old car check the rubber brake hoses if they’re starting
to crack and flake changing before it’s too late now they’re well-made and they
can take a lot of pressure but when they do start the crack before they start
leaking replace them if you look at them and they’re all wet they definitely need
replacing now this thing’s got a little surface for us cuz it came from up north
but the hose itself is fine you see cracks or if it’s all wet from
leaking brake fluid change them out right away no yeah I don’t know they
forgot maintenance item is the coolant in your radiator if you keep your car a
long time you need to change your coolant now let’s say you got a modern
Toyota it comes with the hope that can last seven years or 150,000 miles so you
don’t have to change it all that often but you keep them longer than that you
want to change them you can easily change it out yourself it’s also better
to take out the thermostat and then you can hose it through and get everything
out and then replace it with the longest life coolant you can buy for your car
because then you won’t have to think about a problem
ever again I mean if you got 150,000 coolant you changed it before 150,000, most cars are not gonna go 300 thousand miles anyways read your car’s coolant to
make sure what yours has cuz there’s all kinds of different ones out there now yes
most batteries these days are sealed batteries like this you can’t add water
so you never have to worry about that you want to check for corrosion if you
see corrosion on the terminals you want to clean it off and in this case you can
see they’re naked there’s nothing under the terminal what I advise getting those
green and red fiber washes that go under there and they absorb the acid comes out
so it doesn’t corrode anything this particular battery is so good it isn’t
leaking acid vapor so he hasn’t curled it at all but most batteries are gonna
leak a little so if you put those little washers on it’ll keep it from corroding
all your electronics because any corrosion they’ll inhibit the voltage
flow that’ll cause problems a little overheat stuff things want to work right
and of course batteries just wear out over time so once every year to just
have a guy like me or a good auto parts store check your battery it takes one
minute they just hook them up and turn them on watch out faster test this it’s
a 640 cranking amp battery there we go this is live in real time good bad or
it’s got 636 called cranking amps 100% state of charge simple test everything
runs by computers your battery voltage is low you can get all kinds of problems
the alternator can work too hard it can cause shorts if the battery is
really shorting out if you smell sulfur under the hood you know the battery
sulfate and it’s time for new one but just checking every once in a while they
don’t last forever and you do need to test them every so often so now you know
the most commonly forgotten simple maintenance items that can keep your car
from having serious expensive problems down the road with just a little of your
time and a tiny amount of your money, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell


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  2. If you whack off the air filter you can bend the edge and it won’t work anymore. Just get a new one it’s cheaper than rings.👍

  3. this is funny, my neighbor just brought over his 2009 honda. he said it was choking out driving. I checked the basics. his air filter was never changed. then he said I take to the oil change place don't they check it. yeah they open it and close it. they never really check it because half the employees at oil change places are not mechanics. I put a new one in, cleaned the MAF sensor and the car was running great. great video

  4. Generally, if the corrosion is occurring on the negative terminal, your system is probably undercharging or a loose connection. If on the positive side, it is probably overcharging.

  5. Re: changing trans fluid
    What is you opinion of those transmission “flush” machines that hook up to the transmission cooler lines?
    BTW, I’m old enough that the phrase “blowing a tranny” had a whole different meaning.

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  13. I keep buying cheap cars on the LetGo App. The 5.2L Dakota took 10 minutes to warm up in order to stop backfiring, had 250,000 miles, ran good till I kept adding too much transmission fluid. Curious how long it would have lasted. Now I'm on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am, electric coolant fans won't work, turn signals aren't working, sounds ok but not perfect. Paying a shop to do signals, may wire in a toggle switch coolant fan.

  14. Every 5k miles in my mk6 GTI I do oil change, engine, cabin filter, I also do transmission oil change as well. I buy all reusable filters and run Amsoil Euro spec and use Amsoil for my transmission. I love the car but man, they are scary to work on when they break

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  26. Hey Scotty. What about break fluid change. Takes a little more time but that brake fluid collects water, water doesn’t compress like brake fluid. Do a test, change all rotors and pads, then drive, now change the fluid, it makes a good brake job great. You will notice the feel in the pedal, like driving a new vehicle!

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  36. Before I learned to clean my interior filter before I brought my car in for service, my Toyota dealership ‘s assistant service manager would come into the waiting room and wave it around and announce that I need a new interior filter. What are you going to do?

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