35 Examples of Dangerous Overtaking – Really Stupid Drivers !!!

35 Examples of Dangerous Overtaking - Really Stupid Drivers !!!

Fuck fuck fuck! No no no no no… Fuck!! Arrgh! Mama… What's with the driver? Oooahh! Fucking hell! Ahhh… *Bleep* Fuuuck! *Bleep* Oh wow… Wow… I just captured all of it… Fucking hell! – With what speed was he going? – Is he alive there girls? – Look! He fucking jumped onto the oncoming lane Fucking moron! – Somebody is fucking done…
– Fuck Fucking hell! Where he is going? Is he stupid? Fucking shit! Andrew… Baby… we need to help these people, my god! Such a fools! Fuck! Fucking… – Fuck!
– Fucking fagot! – That's it. He fucked up. You dumb bitch! Cars are coming! – Fuck. You're dumbass!
– Break break – I will break, I will break. – Fuck! Dumbass, dumbass… I can't! – Fuck
– He almost hit that car – Leha, are you gonna make it?
– Yes. Bro… where the fuck you gonna make it? – Aaaa
– WTF? Leha, fucking… Fuck! – Did you see what they're doing? Fucking hell! What is this? – Val', what was that?
– I don't know – They almost rode us over.
– Yes, yes. Go right bro, where


  1. 00:18 I would have pulled over just to laugh at that guy who wrecked himself cause he thought he could do double the limit on the dirt shoulder and still have all the traction of pavement. Morons

  2. Shocking how people are prepared to pretty much kill to knock one or two minutes of their journey time.

  3. Some of these were situations where I would consider turning around and performing a "Citizen's Arrest" on a truck or bus driver. Reckless driving might be considered attempted murder or lightly as Attempted Suicide by head-on collision. It's all up to what the Arresting Officer, the Prosecutor, my Attorney and the judge says, though.

  4. I noticed that almost none of the passees slowed to allow the idiot to pass more safely. Please pull over if someone tries that around you. It's better to lose a minute than to allow them to take a life. Drive defensively. The road ragers are NUTS. Best not to trigger them. Also remember to turn in footage of those drivers so their companies can remove them from their positions. That bus drivers at 7:25 and 8:30 on should lose their licenses IMMEDIATELY.

  5. I've just started driving again after a young girl ran a red light and plowed into me. After watching this, I'm scared again. :0

  6. Do you know I drive a 1000 – 1300 miles a week and you wouldn't catch me driving on them roads in India. Fooking mental, no rules at all.

  7. Gli imbecilli non arrivano alla pensione, alla fine crepano prima del tempo, il problema è che spesso portano con se vittime innocenti…. questi criminali dovrebbero stare in galera… preventivamente!!!

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