300 DMG To Players Intense Mage Transition | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 116

300 DMG To Players Intense Mage Transition | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 116

warder stuff nice and nothing but it's okay what what do I want more where the stuff is already super good from the first wave I have a little surprise though you see this tusk you see this tusk now it's a 2 star Papa early-game he can be quite good carry actually because this quarter stuff is good on tusk and later we can maybe replace it on somebody else or something like that so we'll see what we go from here but tusk 2 star can give a good start maybe for once I don't have to do losing streak with dazzle or losing streak without the dazzle or open for it or something maybe for once I'll have a decent start vegetable thank you for the four months thank you very much for the support thank you thank you thank you for subbing to the channel okay it's more tuskys but this is probably better to take it's much better to take because then I will add one more warrior and then I have beast warrior I need like Mars tiny arcs whatever comes up juggernaut any warrior honestly as a third is good maybe I get a mango and I buy this dose as well let's see what happens I do get a mango mask of madness I think we could have that on the on the tusks even if it silences him he the tusks kind that doesn't cost any way for a while I can sell these and level up actually and make sure like be a hundred percent sure that I will win the first wave the first round okay I'll give it to tusk probably the eight seconds that he gets silence it's going to take for him to get his ultimate anyway so probably by the time moment he will already be on silence yep exactly and he can cast it soon and now he can punch yeah yeah this task is a mega DPS I want that Queen but I can't if I could add two warlocks here I think that would be nice two warlocks Razer is super good too I'll play him right there so that people get frozen from hitting him this is okay I didn't get any void stones right no or ground for venomancer conductors punch is so fast okay I'll see I'll go to better twitch TV and I will see the modes give me another task make this the task game for me make it dot toss game make me have a three star dusk by around 10:00 and I will be a god okay so his mages night troika's goblins right now goblins right now but they know they both could transition into night hunter warrior I don't know we'll see what happens elemental is something this guy's get motivated by gods and this is me you can't live without me holy man that's a nice compliment then thanks brother I kind of want to go full beast is it to pay beta one warrior to take out definitely want to play the SF chick okay I want a safe to attack tusks targets that's why I'm booting him right next to like behind them oh nice tusk is helping yourself but that self is like doing his own thing as we got this maybe I could go mages to double jugg I don't think I'm stocking any I don't think I'm stuck in any any works double jugg is cool but you do cost me interest and I don't know if I will play it for a long time but I okay if I win the round I'll sell wyvern and get double jugg easy oh look at that a UV damage bottom okay that's a lot of pairs ideally here I upgrade one of the pairs and play it because I'm gonna be six now know why not maybe I wrote once oh my god dude it's another pair we made why all the pairs for coffee maybe I should put another lichen I think my streak is over because the game is trolling me can't I for once have a super good start and go on a big win streak what do I have to not get any upgrades here the fall-off oh I'm not falling off no one saw what happened I think it's been forever since another I think it's been forever since the mage game and I could maybe do a work mage these beasts are cool in the early game but I'm not hitting them so haven't had any venom no like an upgrade the sky nearly gets the 3 star by round 15 or so 17 maybe maximum 20 to be able to keep him and play him and be very strong otherwise super weak how about a hundred lifesteal though I want to lay the axe so no elemental if the beast keep everything as it is give them give some stuff to axe it's gonna DPS hardened no he's gonna thank our no GPS okay twenty-one interest isn't that much but I'm on a big win streak so if I keep this win Street for about three more rounds so I'll get up to fifty gold I'll have good economy okay all right another all was worth it this actually will help so much with the streak so maybe a mark mage what is this mage major warrior I don't know they're no better than lichen yeah I will I will do it now I just went looking at other boards immediately went to see what's up this guy has an upgrade I said a beat one six and zero but that's the last guy so he's pretty weak nice upgrade brother so maybe now it's not the case anymore for ven oh I'll probably sell the venom here since I'm not going full beast it's not that good of an idea anyway when I weed out the void stone jebaited I'm not debated by B no I'm not playing him I have so many upgrades man I'm gonna start kneading crystal maidens and Cottle's or should I maybe build a troll I don't know I kind of want I haven't had a lot of mage games in a while so I kind of want orc mage sniper is hitting SF all the way from China stop it okay I'm at 50 gold very nice I don't know about Trudeau I'm not gonna build him I don't think so cm Cottle disruptor and more Beastmasters maybe I could put six warriors for a little bit a little bit of time when I'm level seven I don't know we'll see how this goes I get a shot of in here it's huge gotta keep that streak going and I think this will help this is strong guy maybe the SF did make a huge difference it's many things at the same time actually it's keeping my streak the people that I beat on their boards they take more damage and all that probably going to sell the tusks actually this build is super good in in right now in the early to mid game but it has to transition into something super good continue winning into what does this transition very well how much gold am I gonna get actually so much dis ruptor if I take out the two beasts I will have four Oryx but the beasts are upgraded and the damage they give it's okay I'm not gonna not gonna do replacements now these guys nice I have a lot a lot of upgrades that's the good thing hopefully I win this next one no problem so that I can be level eight for twenty I think I'm just gonna go for levels with this how is the other guy not super weak not very strong I think I beat him you can beat him – I don't know if I beat him I just beat him earlier probably beat him too if I get three star-like and I could keep him for human but probably not a must I could try to go a little crazy and push it all the way to nine and roll but I'm probably gonna have to spend all the gold if I hit bit big things it can be huge I can like keep the streak going but if I don't hit big things streak might be over the game is I think I have a maelstrom with this yeah that task is holding so many good items I could give to SF instead it's a better ride clicker this stuff needs to give the items to someone else for orcs is that for units SF is five and three majors is eight I'm level nine but I'm gonna need a crystal Maiden though I'm not just any but upgraded if possible yeah I've got six warriors right now this guy's getting stronger now a lot stronger am I not getting a cm of course out I think that's the same guy and it's gonna be such a huge difference now yeah it's the same guy and the difference is like I wanted to try to push for a hundred percent but can't do that anymore I guess I don't think I need the B's bonus anymore so I could just replace the thoughts can give the items to a sir and I want to play the Congo instead of tiny and I want to play the other two Oryx when I can it didn't really give me all the peace I don't know what you mean I thought no items and no beast units really and I'm not gonna go online warriors that's just stupid also probably insisting too much on the on the for orcs this Beastmaster is gonna be used as as hell it's only going to be there for the HP bow and it's not even that huge going into the late game it's okay if I hear it early by round 20 maybe 4 or just by around 20 then it's gonna be super strong yeah I will go for just two works but I'll need replacements if I want to do that maybe I could do warlocks maybe I could play necro I think that's not bad at all buckle your my brother your brother Mankato give me those items disrupter is there hunka is conca has to go in who give me the the for human for humans is super good I don't think anyone I want I don't think I want anyone silenced in this game yeah you right-click people maybe you lifesteal a bit I think I'll make a vanguard I'm ready to sell them too and the Warlocks oh yeah we want job to live structor got human silence come on man got the wrong direction made what was gonna do it of a tank oh by the way I'm at 98 life what's at level 10 I can still replace that like and with something I want either a second razor to or a second sf2 with this building if I don't go six majors like they are they don't happen now like six mhm buff is powerful enough for me too I think white people with like single SF old and a single razor oh but with three majors it seems really important to have either two razors or two SF's with three majors oh give me that kook upgrade and the razor or SF maybe I could even do a second coat oh who knows Oh hmm okay that's pretty strong I think the team is super strong right now you know if I upgrade razor to 3-star that's even better I think put two SF's instead or I could even put two disruptors I kind of like that idea as well oh maybe to conquer season okay play as well this guy has a three-star SF so it's gonna be a bit hard for me to find another a second two-star but it's not impossible there are more in the pool 3 star is 9sx I'm folding that's like 13 and there is how many of each tree costs in the pool 20 of h3 costs I think 20 or 25 so I can find another SF no problem I don't know if I can beat this I hope so maybe we will get the second bang guard for the disrupter Oh need a razor though that's because the other guy died who had ourselves No that's what I want to be right in front of him that way all of my spells will get easier couple incoming I'm a drow Ranger why you gotta kill me damn I have too many things now that I could play maybe I could take out warlocks he does not have Naga yet he does not have Naga so instead of two warlocks I can put more bursts a second SF and I could maybe put another conker instead of jug who knows didn't work though maybe disrupter is not that useful I don't know I just want a person although takes too long though okay he lost okay that worked a bit or teen life I'm not seventy-five I have a lot more life than him to work with I was waiting to see if he changes his mind if he if he like baits me to think he's repositioning but he actually stayed there okay this time I'm gonna have double vote and all the spells as well please die maybe he loses to trolls maybe he loses to trolls here who knows maybe enigma is more useful than SF for me for the trolls now he's not losing to them I did though ah that's perfect me Anya I got my own eeeh and more are more against picking hunters okay I didn't have that much time but I think I'm cool he spread up I was looking at the mini-map because from the mini-map I can see his positioning I guess I'm not cool oh that hurts me more than it hurts him and he's telling me good luck does he think he won he might have I'm not sure how do I kill that sniper although I reach that sniper spreading up against me is actually a pretty good idea if a human could go hit the Medusa somehow that would be nice but I don't think they will she range did we do it whoof whoa I've done over 300 damage I didn't even realize I didn't even wow I wasn't paying attention to that this is the second time ever that's super exciting actually the first time I did 300 damage was with with beasts and now it's this I was probably way too strong early game I was just constantly doing damage with like on Wolf's in stuff at one point I wanted to push there were after after such a great start there were two ways of me to play the game to be honest I could have like in a way secured it I still wanted so it was still secured I guess but I could have secured it more by not going all-in when I was level eight or nine or whatever oh yeah i leveled from eight to nine and then also rewrote I went from 60 gold down to 20 or 10 or so as I wanted to push for a hundred percent game there is nothing better than 100 percent game those are the best but couldn't really do that and then it actually ended up being closer than then it that I wanted to be but we still want it still got first place this is over 300 damage done warriors and stuff that's a nice game I think he would have won if he had the nagas I'm not sure why didn't he have Naga but I think he would have won with it did he have it I don't think he did anyway I hope you guys enjoyed that game on YouTube don't forget to like the video if you enjoyed it and if you're new to the channel subscribe I upload videos every day I also am streaming on Twitch right now so don't forget to follow my twitch and check out the stream when I'm live thanks for watching see you in the next video good luck and have fun playing games


  1. It is was not so bad, but it some missplays like playing disraptor vs Hunters and keeping items in him on the board(

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