I have a question for some people out here I bought some race gas I bought five gallons of c12 and five gallons of c16 and then the computer was down and the place where I bought it the lady said it was going to be the c12 was going to be 1393 and the c16 was $17 so she added 13 plus 16 and came out – I paid $33 and 44 cents for this as first time I've ever bought it this is uh five gallons of 112 octane racing fuel which I'm going to I'm going to use I'm going to try it out see how it works and this is five gallons of C 16 which is 116 octane now my question out there is is is that about the right price because I've never bought it before and on top of this the 16 it says do not store fuel in Motor Vehicles if drain a carburetor after each use I don't know why but that just seems like a pretty good price so if anyone out there knows anything about racing fuel that's the nice thing about a moped it's it's small and this will go a long way I had to drive about 100 miles to get it 100 miles roundtrip but I think that's a pretty good deal and if anyone has used the C 12 or C 16 if if you know on what to expect I'm going to cut it with regular gasoline but that's the price I paid right there for ten gallons 33:44 just seems it just seems odd to me be that price but I'm not complaining not going to complain it all


  1. I run the full ignition timing advance setting possible on my car.

    What's the octane equivalent for doing that with no engine knock?

  2. Better get thst tested with RVP tester.Guaranteed its stale.Goes bad even in those cans because of plastic seal.

  3. 5gal of 108 from Sunol super gas here in northern California for $80 ! Dang you got a deal, deal. You owe her

  4. Wow, she ripped herself off. Them cans are 68 to 75 bucks each… next thing is race gas will eat your rubber carb seal and line up if it sits. Theres no benefits to running race gas in an engine that isnt tuned for it. Also its technically illegal to use on the streets because of the lead in the gas.

  5. This past summer was $9 / gallon for Turbo Blue 110,, I generally buy 3 gallon for mower and trimmer per season

  6. I see that not one person answered your question about having to drain the carb. They were too awe struck about your getting over to remember it I guess. =) Hope you got a reply else where.

  7. I would have went back and made sure it was the right price and paid the difference.
    The honest way is the best way.

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