1. ffs they have the cherokee for the street city people wtf are they doing converting their only offroad lineup to a city vehicle? looks like their going to lose alot of offroaders to ford and chevy zr2 now

  2. Jeep need to go back to there roots…Jeep Wrangler fans don't care about that fancy stuff we like offroading and beating the crap out a them…come on Jeep what's with you…only people that will actually buy these will be people that don't off-road

  3. love it but other people think its only for city, you can customize it as well, fun fact i love all wranglers Except for the old one's

  4. One more thing. If you decide to buy a Jeep, keep an eye on your door and hood hinges. Guaranteed, you’ll see rust there after a year or two.

  5. UGLY plus I would almost guarantee that it leaks anytime it rains. I took my 2012 Wrangler to the dealer after it started to leak during a rain storm. What response did I get from the dealer? “What do you expect dude… it’s a Jeep”. Think about that before you sign on the dotted line. Don’t even get me started talking about the 3:21 gear ratio that Chrysler put in my Jeep. And to think, Chrysler wants us to believe that Jeeps are “Trail rated”…. Please, spare me.

  6. Wranglers are becoming more and more of a grocery getter every year. Too pretty to be called Jeep anymore.

  7. would settle for only 4 wheels if they were mud tires. I hate how they skimp on the little things for profits. I will give up the CD player or USB port JEEP!!! THINK FOR CRAP SAKES!>

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