16 Mutant Vehicles | Creative and Crazy Art Cars

16 Mutant Vehicles | Creative and Crazy Art Cars

What’s up YouTube. Have you ever heard of
mutant vehicles or art cars? Well, now you have. Check out this awesome list we put
together just for you, Mind’s Eye Design. Number Sixteen Of course, if you have a mutant
vehicle there clearly is a difference in what your vehicle looks like between the
day and night. By day the giant Anglerfish Disco Ball throws off bright
shards of light anywhere it goes and at night every scale of the mutant vehicle
lights up in bright colors to attract any of the smaller fish around. Number Fifteen The Snail Car Apparently this mutant vehicle started off as a 1966 Volkswagen
bug. So they decided to turn a bug into a snail. Makes me wonder why not a big
beetle. Huh, I guess if I thought that way I probably wouldn’t be making youtube
videos. Number Fourteen The Del Camino’ This
mutant vehicle was created by mating an excavator to an old El Camino, and then
joining them by an armature, which can lift its passengers while riding around
in style. Number Thirteen The Dream Cycle We couldn’t have this list without some
sort of bike on it. This is the Dream Cycle by artist Randall Gates. He
describes his cycle as a human-powered kinetic art installation on wheels. Number Twelve The Heathen When you’re at a festival where everything is burning or has fire
coming out of it, you would probably need some sort of mutant creation of a fire
truck. But, this fire truck doesn’t have water, more like tanks of gas to shoot
flames from the top into the air. Number Eleven Project 747 This is the
largest mutant vehicle ever created. This is Project 747. It was created by the
big imagination foundation and it raised over $200,000. Their dream started with
buying an old 747 and converting it into the coolest art car, or mutant vehicle
ever. We definitely can’t wait to see the completed project at next year’s
Burning Man. Number Ten The Rocket Car This car reminds me of the old Batmobile.
This classic American car converted by David Best into an outrageously long
black rocket car has been at Burning Man for many years, and it has become a
fixture of a sort. Some say it was probably one of the first art or mutant
cars ever created for Burning Man. Number Nine The Shark This is another
one that really stands out day or night. During the day this vicious-looking
shark is very impressive but, at night that’s when the party really starts.
Anywhere this shark is visible there’s always a crowd. Number Eight The Angler Fish Apparently, when you build one of these mutant cars, the first idea
everyone has, is an angler fish. This one although a little on the plain side, like
it doesn’t do much compared to the others is still really cool. Just look at
those teeth. You can tell there was a lot of work done, and I would say I like this
one a lot better than the disco one. Number Seven The Dino Mobile With these
mutant vehicles you have to assume these creators know a lot about metalwork. Just
the spikes on this incredible Dino Mobile had to take skill in a lot of time,
to make this creation come to life. Number Six The Beamer Steamer This
steampunk-inspired vehicle was created by Bob and Karen Thompson. Their mutant
vehicle was created around a 1973 Super Beetle, and added things like garbage can
lids, milk cans, part of a satellite dish, and glass fuses. Number Five The Icarus If you’re a sci-fi fan then you’re really gonna love this one. This insane
view art car started off as the Icarus Project. Icarus is a giant mobile art car
spaceship design by Evan Easy Cushions. From what we can tell they had a goal of
about $10,000, and with the help of other art car enthusiasts, they raised more than
$19,000 to get his project off the ground. No pun intended. Number Four The Scorpion The giant
Scorpion art car is by far one of the most unique art cars you can find. All
claws and legs were articulated by hydraulics.
Unfortunately, it made a brief appearance and disappeared early before burning me
in 2012. Some have said that the tail broke off and the creator had to leave
because it wasn’t repairable. All that hard work for nothing. Number Three The Hot Rod I’m sure
everyone is thinking Mad Max when they see a lot of these
mutant vehicles. One for sure that stands out to me, more than most, is this awesome
Hot Rod. I’m not sure if that’s where the artists inspiration came from or maybe
director George Miller got his inspiration for some of his vehicles in
the new Mad Max Fury Road. Either way this is by far one of the best mutant
vehicles I’ve ever seen. Number Two The Rhino Remember how we
said that you have to be really good at metalwork to create these vehicles.
Well this mutant vehicle was created by metal artist Kevin Clarke in TM Potter.
They took the chassis of a 1974 pickup and created this Rhino of a machine. Number One The Silver Lobster It’s not every day you see a giant fish vehicle with a huge lobster light claws and a
giant octopus that shoots fire out of its tentacles. Something tells me that’s
how they came up with the name the Silver Lobster. But what about the
octopus? Huh. Hey guys. This is Amber and Alex from Mines Eye Design. I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet make sure to hit the
bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up to date with all of
our latest tech. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you guys next time.

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