15p Enclosed Electric Shuttle / Tram from Bintelli Electric Vehicles –

15p Enclosed Electric Shuttle / Tram from Bintelli Electric Vehicles –

Hey everyone, Justin Jackrel from citEcar
Electric Vehicles here. Today I have a 15 passenger enclosed shuttle. I want to take
you on a brief demonstration, show you the different features and specs of this vehicle
and go over the interior and exterior. This is our 15 passenger standard edition. We also
have an 11 passenger plus wheelchair edition where we actually have a wheel chair ramp
that will come out of the middle of the vehicle. but for this vehicle here I am going to show
you the ins and outs and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at citEcarEV.com. Alright so obviously when you are buying an
electric shuttle to transport passengers around your facility, safety is the most important
thing. Now on our electric shuttles, even though these are off road vehicles used on
private lots we want to make sure that they are as safe as possible and are built almost
to car specs. So what we do first is we use a DOT approved safety glass instead of a plexiglass
or plastic. It also has the automotive windshield wiper as well. You will see here on the front
that we have headlights, turn signals, hazard lights, and fog lights just like you would
find on your regular car. So even though these aren’t street legal vehicles per say we are
building them with all the street legal features just so it is safer for your customers. So
all that is included in all of our shuttles. You are also going to see an upgrade we use
an aluminum rim which comes standard on all of our vehicles. We don’t want to send you
with a steel rim which is obviously going to have rust issues. So the aluminum rims
come standard on all of our shuttles. So none of this is extra features, everything comes
as is. I want to take you and show you the different doors and features of this enclosed
shuttle and then we will work our way around. Okay so here I wanted to show you the PA system.
All of our vehicles come standard with a CD player and radio with an AUX input and PA
system. So this is great for tours and driving around your facility because you are going
to want to talk to your passengers and really be able to get the whole experience so that
is included with every one of our shuttles. And when I zoom out here I want to show you
the entire interior cab so you can see you have a digital dashboard, all of your buttons
that control your interior fans, lights, headlights, turn signals, and windshield wiper. And you
also have your shifter, and a hand brake as well for emergency situations. Alright so on the passenger side of the vehicle
you are going to have five doors to allow everyone t o access the interior rows. On
the driver’side of the vehicle you will have one door which is for the driver only. All
of these doors open up and all have their own key so they can be locked at night. All
of these windows that you see on the doors slide open as well for ventilation inside
the vehicle. Now inside of the shuttle we include three interior fans and some interior
lighting, that comes standard in all of our shuttles. We do have air conditioning units
that can be installed as well for an additional charge so just talk to your sales rep if you
would like to get that added on to your vehicle. Close it up, everything is nice and quick
to transport the passengers around your facility. Now on our enclosed vehicles obviously everything
is using this aluminum side with the doors. We do also have open air shuttles that you
can find on our website as well. The open air shuttles are a little bit more popular,
we do have the soft enclosures that we can install on those as well. With the hard doors
obviously for places in the south it can get a little warm if you don’t have that air conditioning
system but talk to your sales rep to get the perfect vehicle to suit your needs. I wanted to point out that citEcar Electric
Vehicles are built right here in our Gainesville, Florida facility and they come fully loaded
for you with the CD player and the PA system. We have made in the USA batteries, chargers,
and controllers. We have aluminum rims, the opening windows, locking doors, aluminum sides
makes sure you get an aluminum side if you do get a hard enclosure so you don’t have
to deal with any rust issues. We are here to help, we manufacturer our vehicles here
so we can customize them for your needs. If you have any questions about anything you
can dream of and think of that you want on your vehicle just talk to your sales rep,
we are here to help you out and we want to get you the vehicle of your dreams. If you
have any other questions please visit us online at citEcarEV.com. Once again my name is Justin
Jackrel and I thank you for watching. Have a great day.


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  2. They should partner with and RV company and make Inner city, gas-electric RVs with this design. just give it more head space and expand the space in between the wheels.

  3. Please, let me know if you would like to see a decreased in at least fifty percent of the energy bill needed to charge the batteries…you help the farmers in Philippines with my technology and help me to help the American farmers to do so…what a bout that!

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  5. Can ou drive them on very small village roads in uk
    If your wondering where here is the village
    Fallin, Stirling scotland

  6. In India what about the electronic vehicles at least in populated cities and
    care about environment.?
    Is India developing or not?
    Diesel petrol mafiyaom ne electric vehicles prevent Kar rakha hai Kya?
    GOVERNMENT global warming ka lamba chauda bhashan dete haim?
    Crores of rupees waste karte haim bhashan keliye.
    Na SOLAR power KSHETROM ko mazboot Kar raha hai
    ya crores of diesel vehicles running daily on the roads ban
    ho raha hai.
    Liquor,tobacco, terrorism policy jaisa hi hai environment pollution and population increasing drama.

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  8. I Need this for Anime North in Toronto (*Martin Grove Line 5 Station to Toronto Congress Centre's Expo Express) and I want it to pull multiple trailers

    *TTC Expo Line Non-Stop trip from the station to the Convention grounds

  9. If you guys have any street legal vehicles like that it would be an amazing thing. I'd bet it rides smooth too.

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