15 Most Radical Electric Bikes 2019 – 2020 | High-performance eBikes

15 Most Radical Electric Bikes 2019 – 2020 | High-performance eBikes

Electric vehicles are making inroads on the
roadways of the world as more and more drivers want their commutes to be earth-friendly. Hello, I’m Glen with Minds Eye Design. Just
about every vehicle manufacturer is now producing an electric vehicle, but that does not mean
only cars and trucks. Bicycle builders are also showcasing electric
versions of their rides and many are sporting radical innovations and designs.
Here are 15 of the best picks Minds-Eye has found, ready to take “on or off” the pavement
the “e-bike” way. Number 15 The French have come up with their twist on
an e-bike. The iweech designers say their e-bike uses Artificial Intelligence to always
get you to your destination. It analyzes your route and chooses how much
electrical assistance it’ll provide. It sets the optimum level, so you will get
to your destination, and with minimal effort. It has an aluminum frame with a mid-drive
motor and 24-inch tires and weighs just under 40 pounds. The battery is 36 volts, nearly 500 Watts. The iweech has a smooth refined style and
looks very well designed. Number 14 All 250 of these limited-edition e-bikes have
been sold, but the Specialized company says that the Turbo Creo SL redefines e-road bike
performance. The special edition bike features a carbon
frame and fork and is the lightest Turbo Creo SL build, at just over 26 pounds. It has a special lightweight rear derailleur
and wheels. The motor can deliver up to 240 watts and
can ride up to 120 miles of total range with range extenders. It’s quite a bike, wouldn’t
you say? Number 13 Now, something more down to earth affordable,
an e-Cargo bike with 20” wheels. One of the best examples of this emerging
category of bikes is by the Tern company, first known for its popular line of small
folding bikes, both pedal-powered and electric. The HSD cargo bike, with 3 different variations,
was just shown at Eurobike 2019 With a max gross vehicle weight of 374 lbs. and an Xtra large Atlas H Rack, it’ll carry
a week’s worth of groceries. It can fold down narrowly and can stand vertically. It weighs just under 60 pounds. Number 12 Just on the tail of Gocycle’s new “fast-folding”
commuter e-bike, the popular GX, they recently announced the GXi which takes the best features
of their previous top model the G3, and adds it to their fold-in-half bike frame. The GX line folds in about 10 seconds and
has a removable battery. The GXi has a 500-Watt front hub motor and can reach 20 mph with
3 speeds. Gocycle says it can go up to 50 miles on a charge. Number 11 What if e-bikes could get some serious “health”
smarts? Well, a Romanian company is working to prove
that the increasingly popular e-bikes will still bring a great workout for riders. The bike uses a combination of a phone app,
a heartbeat monitor device and the bikes computer to adjust the level of pedal assistance. The Xmera rider can turn off the workout function
and go manually. The Xmera is now on Indiegogo and offers several
power options. Top speed can go to 16 mph and has a range
of about 37 miles. If you need to haul another bike or 2 along
behind your bike, here is a great, easy way to do it. You can hook up the Exozox Bike
Carrier. It was invented in Poland and is being sold
on the web. It has two parts, a regular type rear rack
which can stay permanently on the bike, and a second part with front wheel holders which
attaches to it to allow the follow bikes to be towed.
A bungee cord holds the other bikes in place while riding. Number 10 An Indiegogo campaign is underway to fund
the production of an unusual e-bike from the Swedish Company ELBI, termed the “easy life”
bike. A belt drive helps propel the 20” wheeled
bike with an all-aluminum frame. The bike has its battery just under the front
handlebar area basket. The in-hub motor is on the front wheel and
available with a torque sensor with 250- watts or a cadence sensor with a 500-watt motor. You can also order the bike without electronics.
Check out the Indiegogo page, you might just want to invest in this unique bike, e-bike,
or not e-bike. Number 9 At first glance, this e-bike could pass for
a cool sport-style motorcycle you see every day on the streets. Pre-order is underway for the limited edition 100 Rocket with a top speed
of nearly 50 MPH and a range of up to 75 miles. It has a 16-kW peak power motor with 5 kW
continuous power, a 52 V lithium battery with 6.6 kWh capacity. It has 17-inch wheels, and the bike weighs
about 265 pounds. You can reserve the Limited Edition 100 now, with a down payment. Number 8 Ever see those large 3 wheeled tricycles popular
with senior citizens? Well, they do offer more stability compared
to 2 wheeled bikes, but if you ride at higher speeds and make a corner, they can tip over. The Italian-designed Tris Bike is so different
in its approach. It has 2 front wheels that tilt as they turn The bike is scaled small so it doesn’t overwhelm
the rider and is easier to maneuver. Tris has 3 models, 2 feature a rear hub Zehus
all in one motor, the third is non-electric. It can travel about 15 MPH and its range is
around 20 miles. Number 7 If you’re looking for high-speed off-road
adventure and willing to spare no expense look into the 27.5+ tire Scout Pro by Hi PowerCycles. It features an intelligent torque sensor and
the motor supplies up to 3000 Watts of power with a top speed of 45 mph and up to a 160-mile
range in eco mode. I’m Allie and it’s Minds Eye Trivia Time. By looking at just these images, do you know
what this is and where it’s from? Leave the correct answer or your best guess in the comment
section below. Number 6 A Ukrainian company, Delfast has designed
several powerful e-bikes for their courier business, and now they’ve announced an update
to their fastest model. The Top 2.0 has the same top speed as its
predecessor but has a much more powerful motor, a 5000-kW rear hub motor. Its huge battery has a claimed range of up
to 236 miles on one charge. Number 5 A new e-bike entry is the Stark Drive Torque
Max. The bike is the latest model from the Stark
e-bike company, which prides itself on ultra-low-cost folding e-bikes. The Swedish company is touting its new “Max”
bike with a whopping 1000 Watt Bafang Ultra Max motor. It can reach up to 38 mph with pedal assist
and has a range of up to 62 miles. An Indiegogo campaign has launched for the
Max and 2 other lesser cost bikes. Stark also offers its Stark City Bike for
a low $399 US. Number 4 The Electra Bike Company is out this year with a limited edition of their
“Go” series E-bikes. It’s the vintage-inspired “Cafe Moto Go!”. The fun bike is a simple design harking back
to the days of the Cafe racer motorcycles of the ’60s. It has a Bosch Performance Speed motor, assisted
speeds of 28 mph and hydraulic disc brakes. It also has a Gates Carbon Belt and a variable
Enviolo rear hub. Nice touches include a 500 WH battery, Brooks
B17 leather seat, fat 26” tires and a large bullet headlight. Number 3 What’s claimed to be the lightest e-road
bike being made is the Wilier Cento10 Hybrid and it weighs 23 pounds. The bike shows it’s elite Italian racing
heritage with an impeccable fit and finish. It has a small E-bike Motion rear hub motor
and a carbon frame. The bike is new in the Wilier line up and
features pedal assist. It was a Euro-bike 2019 Show Award Winner. Number 2 A Canadian company, eProdigy has a wide assortment
of e-bikes with a wide price range. One of their most interesting is their 20”
folding bike, the Fairweather. It’s touted as the first and only lightweight,
mid-drive, carbon-fiber folding e-bike with a Gates Carbon Belt Drive. It is both thumb throttle and pedal assist
with a uniquely positioned 36V 500 W bottom bracket motor. Here is a unique folding bike trailer that
deserves a mention because it’s so useful. The German company Trenux first announced
it last year and now it’s updated and soon starting production with funding on Kickstarter. The trailer works normally when carrying a
load, but it can fold up over the rear wheel of your bike when it’s empty. Number One Last but not least is the Brompton Electric
folding e-bike. At just 36 lbs and folding to 2/3rds the size
of other folding electric bikes, the bike is carry friendly. The smartly optioned bike comes in either
a 2 speed or 6 speed with a small detachable battery in a bag that can power the pedal-assist
bike up to 45 miles. You can buy it ready-made, or order your own
with handpicked options. Well, that’s our list of the most innovative
e-bikes out there at this moment. New developments in the electric bike world
appear daily, and they’re rapidly getting better, so stay tuned for an electrifying ride. Hi everyone! If you enjoy this video leave a comment about what you found to be the most interesting and why. Also, to get notified when a new video is posted hit the bell icon below right next to the subscribe button. Thank you for watching Mind’s Eye Design.


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  6. @Minds Eye Design Nope, I only like electric vehicles, But i want a bike with a 50-70 kilowatt hour Tesla battery pack and performance of a if not better performance than the stealth series electric bikes, I want an electric bike similar to a Tesla in range and performance, and Im willing to include a fairly large weight in excess of 500 lbs, and I know that all these bikes are super expensive cause batteries cost a lot, thats why im waiting for more electric cars to roll out, and for batteries to get cheeper, I'm willing to tear apart a wrecked Tesla to get the bike i want. Im just not willing to fork out Hella doe for a dorky looking bike when i know we can do better. Also, brammo motorcycles was started in my home town, And I don't like cars with big sissy engines that are big tooters, Nice try tho.

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