10 steps to winterize your motorcycle

10 steps to winterize your motorcycle

hey guys welcome back to my garage I
know it’s been a while but here I am back again with all my bikes to give you
10 simple steps to winterize your motorcycle but not for the teacher let’s
get on it obviously the best thing for the bikes is to be run all year around
but some of you guys are in the north end called part of the country and you
actually need to store your bike for a couple of months to three months or a
year because it’s impossible or near impossible to ride outside with all that
snow and rain and everything else now there are a few things that you can do
to the bikes so that when spring comes back you’re ready to go you just grab
the bike and go for your first ride and you’re gonna need a few supplies to make
data happen but let’s talk about the first very first step that you need to
do to winterize your bike and obviously the very first step is to wash the bike
that is not that difficult grab whatever solution you have whatever soap you
usually use wash the bike thoroughly if you have a dirt bike or something that
goes in the mud quite a bit this thing has been working pretty good for me
but other than that everything will do wash the bike thoroughly then move
inside the garage let’s move on step number two you might wanna wax the bike
around and make sure that all the plastics are protected and you also want
to spray a film or whatever lubricant on your metal part the engine the the forks
and whatever else that can actually rust throughout the year so wd-40 should do
there are specific product for it as always I’m gonna put some links in the
description and you guys can choose for yourself step number three is time to
clean the chain thoroughly and then move it up I do have a video on how to clean
and loop the chain so go check the description down below there is gonna be
a link for that video and I might actually put it up there up there so
check it around there is gonna be a link on how to clean and loop the chain and
let’s move on to step number four step number four it is time to change the oil
on your bike now if you change the oil not too long ago you can let it be the
or the oil is fairly clean in there so you’ll be fine if you haven’t changed
the oil and you’re somewhat close to the time where oil change is gonna be due
any way change the oil change the filter so the spring time the bike has brand
new oil in it and all the component have been soaking in in there and you can go
straight for ride without the need of having to replace anything and as always
I do a video on how to change the oil and filter on multiple bikes so go check
it out link in the description step number five is replace or you have an
option here test the the coolant in the bike either case is good that you make
sure that the level is very supposed to be and that the fluid inside is still
viable so there are a bunch of different test kits on the internet going there
they’re fairly cheap get one and they will prevent you from having to take a
part of the bike to replace the cooler itself but if the test comes back bad oh
it’s time to replace the coolant and we know step number six is to fill out your tank
all the way up especially if the bike is a metal tank like the scrambler when it
comes to the Aprilia the Aurelius tank is made out of aluminum should not rust
because it’s aluminum but you never know fill it up all the way add a good
stabilizer to the fuels so that the ethanol in the fuel doesn’t go bad and
when spring comes back you don’t have the foul smell coming out of the tank
and your bike will run just fine now one thing you want to do after you add the
stabilizer in the bike run the bike a little bit and I don’t mean run it in
the garage I mean go out take it up for a spin
come back and top it off again they will assure that all the fuel with the
stabilizer on goes around the old body and leaves a protective film a wrap on
there not if the spark plug are easily accessible you might want to remove the
spark plug and spray a little bit of lubricant inside the cylinder head on
some bikes is fairly easy on some other bikes like the Aprilia might get a
little complicated so you might not want to do that step so run the fuel with the
additive inside and call it good now if throughout the winter you actually want
to run the bike remember starting it up and just running it standing still is
not good for it you actually need to run it around so you either go for a spin or
you just let it be and if you’ve done all the steps so far the bike will be
fine but you know step number seven fairly easy plug the exhaust like that
and that is because you don’t want rodents to go inside to start and make a
nest and also you don’t want moisture to go inside your exhaust
and rust it out you might also want to cover the airbox now on some bikes it’s
easier to get to the airbox in the case of the FA Tom the GS is six bolts over
here you remove this cover you’re in the airbox when I say cover the airbox I
don’t mean cover it like that and done when I say cover there your airbox I
mean remove these remove the air filter and plug the intake hole hole of the
airbox now depending on how you meet is where you live you might want to do this
or minority if it gets cold but not that humid you might skip this step but if is
rainy lots of humidity lots of moisture in the air you might want to do that and
it’s very easy just grab fastest bag with a with a rubber band put it around
the intake and plug it up there accomplish obviously two things not
allow the moisture to go inside the duct in there and at the same time we’ll keep
the rodent if you have that problem to stay out and make a mess out of your air
box step number eight it is time to get a battery tender to the battery on the
bike obviously now all my bikes have one of those the DEF 800 the scrambler and
the Aprilia the Aprilia didn’t came with it I have to add it but fortunately when
I bought these battery tender over here one came included with it so put it on
the Aprilia and that was it now when you do this you need to know what kind of
battery your bike has for example if you have a little battery you need a
different battery tender if you have a BMW you need something that is
compatible with the can bus on the on the BMW when it comes to this Battery
Tender over here this one is is a smart battery tender as 12 volts six volts in
‘i’m 12 volts also it goes through cycles so that is not just charging the
battery continuously but it stops let it discharge up to a certain point and then
charges a backup and is obviously compatible with the chem bus on death
date under the GS so this one was a good buy for me it’s a knockoff body
something there’s gonna be a link in the description to make it short so plug
these in so that in springtime when it’s time to go there is no hesitation put
the key in turn start the bike and off you go
step number nine is raise the tire of the concrete now if you’re lucky enough
to have a centre stand like on the F 800 yes you can get away with a simple jack
under the skid plate which will keep the front and the rear tire off the ground
they will do or if your back doesn’t come with the centre stand like the up
really over here and you’re sporting a set of a performance tire with a very
soft compound you might want to spend some money and get yourself a set of
bike stands because the soft tyres will square off if left on lean on the
pavement for a long time so this set over here I bought I believe in 2005 or
six so they last a long time they do nothing but raise the bike so there is
no wear and tear on them and on top of that they are adjustable and I used it
with many many bikes they came through my garage just make sure they’re made
out of solid metal and they have all the proper braces when you raise the tires
make sure you have the right pressure in it as well this one looks good moving on
last but not least covered the bikes now if they’re inside the garage an old
sheet will do even it is best to have some acrylic material on them just
because the cotton supposedly traps moisture in
while they’re clearly Colette’s the monster out if the bikes are gonna stay
outside you might wanna invest in a waterproof
cover feel it for that specific bike so there is not too much room in there and
if you park him outside also you might want to bring your seat back inside the
house it’s fairly easy every seat is usually easily removable from the bike
they will press the seat from hardened enough and crack him if you live in a
warm place obviously there is no need to do all this you can just leave it to
wash the bike and put a buddy tender if you don’t ride the bike for a couple of
weeks to three weeks maybe a month other than that for everything I used in
this video and everything you need to winterize your bike check the
description down below there is gonna be a link for it get yourself one of those
fantastic shirt because for Black Friday and Cyber Monday they’re gonna be 20%
off with cyber 20 code put a link as always in the description other than
that I hope you get the chance to ride your bike year-round
till then right on you know see you next time


  1. Nice trek bicycle in the garage. Flying must pay well. I also have a trek Bicycle. I'm always looking at everything in frame. It's a habit from running professional audio and video. Maybe you can bring back your friend with the curse of the dragon. He was interesting character. Anyway I hope you have a great night.

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