1 Mine = Team Wipe 700+ DPS ☆☆ TECHIES | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 105

1 Mine = Team Wipe 700+ DPS ☆☆ TECHIES | Dota Auto Chess Gameplay 105

are we doing the goblins or queen of pain having the triple Goblin secured seems pretty nice but also having the Queen you know probably three goblins will give a better start than clockwork with another random unit and another random unit probably the three governments energy is better in the very start but I would like to get that Queen as well mango for Queen mango for Queen no items no items no mango mmm what is this role here I honestly would like to buy everything or nothing mango mango okay stock morbid masks stock live steel three gold three gold not bad at all I'll level I think I have a really good chance of winning the round and then by the Beastmaster the mango gives three to five gold three to five no one to five one two five someone just recognized me from your channel playing or witches what did they say like are you hooked red from Danny stream or something like that people have told me before that they have been recognized they are like are you from there this guy from Danny stream I bring an anti-magic am I like demon goblin don't cough s7o I mean at a TV don't need that bad to be honest but it would be very nice and one that I own as well if I get another SF it's huge three pairs three pairs this IO I needed specifically for herself only for SF not worth on any of the one costs SF or maybe timber maybe two Timbers that would also make it if you work turret from Danny's dream hell yeah man you're famous you're famous dude or – it this is so strong yikes I'm gonna make an interest here second clockwork doesn't sound bad but anti-mage's mana burn is super good and shutting down the enemy diamond honest this has SAP is not getting the demon bonus in this juggernaut took too long to spin those make a difference quite a big difference I like the queen of pain would be good too in case I want to go south since the Queen is there I think it's a it's a decent game he's going assassin so we'll see but it's a good game to be all the TB and demons and stuff or play it full goblin get the two wizards for the six goblins when I have five wait until tech is when are you gonna play those on the Lord's again I'm not sure like this actually put the witchdoctor behind witchdoctor behind herself so if an assassin jumps it jumps the witch doctor instead shit he's too strong might not win it until unless am get some normative Urbana porn Oh pal so close the streak is a live voice and now it will be even more alive because we're gonna have to start ourselves not even gonna think about it fuck even gonna wait to do it so two warlocks three goblins to mix a lot of synergies right now we have four three stars for two stars I think the streak can continue for a while the street can continue for a little longer my items are really shit yeah I definitely want to make the interest here that's exactly what I asked myself as well if I'm going witch doctor 3 and there is no reason for it I don't think I could be going with doctor 3 if I was playing trolls maybe or like gods especially with gods it's super good but with this I'll probably sell them later it's better to make interest here with this good of a start I think at this this is a leveling game this is a get to level seven or eight and put five goblins two wizards and later on do with techies either full goblin with undead or okay it's going to cost me economy though actually I can sell but I don't need three warlocks so this necro is so good later on not right now so I'm either gobbling undead or gobbling demon of having any Timbers like is the worst part not having Timbers is the worst part but I'll find it eventually if I get matched against the other wind striker my streak is over because he's much stronger than me pretty sure what time at 50 gold already so round 13 that's so nice maybe he had an IO or just rolled three TS I don't know I don't know what just happened but the guy is insane would I go majors here possibly and the thinker level seven my build would look like oh he's fighting me let's see who is stronger I'm stronger than the am I actually stronger than him I guess I am holy shit yikes if that tea I didn't cough nanobots I win and then history I ended it anyway I think I could push this and play the necro it's a big win streak if this necro makes the difference round 15 is creep round which just gives me gold for free sweet it's pretty gold okay so I'm either mages or goblin haven't rolled any TVs so it's very unlikely to do goblin goblin demon I haven't heard a single metamorphosis so I don't think there is anybody oh he could be building TV but I don't know which may just doesn't make sense he will sell it there is no no people going 40 beatings I could maybe do TB hello what's up man hey Joshua what's up brother okay alchemist and Alchemist and the green stroke would give me the stuff the good stuff he beat me he beat me on his side I'm not that strong anymore I think I'm leveling to 9 for a techies I could roll here at 8 but I think mine is better it's all the to Mango video oh yeah does a nice game did you see the one I uploaded today dough that was the one that got uploaded a couple of hours ago the one that's a 100% perfect game if you haven't seen it you will see it it's quite nice there is four majors in this game I think I know what I'm doing I think I'm googling Nagas goblin nog on that warlock this mages will like fucking shit on me now the way to counter them is to pop Naga for what look how the hell do I do I get forward look actually I could have saved those five gold I would have leveled up from the next round so the goblins are six they have one warlock I add the second warlord necrophos seven units to Nagas nine units and then at 10 I could do a a for a lot a second on that so it's not a fourth one look how do you maybe level done before I roll on of burning my eyes get off me get off my time clock is gonna kill it right here yeah what's up man what's up waiting for my brush oh shit the tide is in there it could have been replaced with bounty with the witch doctor me now level 10 will cost a lot of HP brother for mixes well now okay I need Naga here I need a plane now go with this here's passing your eye I need to roll and to start rolling a lot can't save anymore the tide is not in there didn't matter this around Oh so I need level 10 for a second on that my main damage here is going to be taking I think so the Warlocks are there the tithe is not there the gyrocopter can I not have a gyrocopter the Mecca region is super good too I get for max anyway without gyro and I could give this I could give this void stone from the gyro to Medusa maybe or the techies that's quite a lot of sustained my alchemists pretty much heels for 70 per second he regions for 70 per second if I take out timber I lose the the six goblins because djaro is not a goblin he's a mech but not a goblin who else's goblins here by the way another guy's goblins as well I want to level and put an upgraded micro in the place of herself and then would put a second Undead a death profit but I could easily play that gyro to whatever now it's okay late now I don't have any damage how do I kill this dude there's two majors right now of 50 region okay so top four is two majors there are two majors in top four a thinker will thinker and timber maybe will bait assassins to jump on them I barely have any upgrades so if I lose to this probably won't lose to it actually that alchemists couldn't live through it it's okay not a big loss I have a maelstrom now oops I miss the thinker my suture technique undead's now as well so that techies bomb should hurt more so takis is the main DBS you know James of that's why he needs an upgrade my biggest competition could be dad assassin the others are almost dead it might be me and the assassin later on alchemist let's go okay dp2 tied to what what what could I think of to replace the the two Nagas with what could I replace the two daggers with here's Oh God the timber is still a one star for undead yeah that's a good one if tied up grades I'll leave him because he is my only disabled but then I could replace the Medusa and actually cannot replace anything else oh he's getting destroyed right now just with what I have right now void stone techies or that prophet Medusa with war lochia that sounds a little bit better Medusa with a nygma maybe Medusa with the fourth world look and then good not killing me ever I'll get it on the bench now one major left still probably on tech is this you need some region there Malcolm is almost life's lifesteal through everything through all the damage look at that incredible sustain man the natural healing and oh that's gonna be so close incurred don't pay pega oh my god you're so stupid okay there's no there's no guy anymore there's no major anymore timber for water logs let's go interesting although I reposition against the assassin I don't have to find a way to reposition against the assassin DP needs to live I think she's not gonna get hit now but after tinker dies all tidehunter life's healed so much spell lifesteal that's a serious wind right there I'd hunter when he ravaged he lifesteal so much okay so after this dragon I am rolling rolling down rolling for clockwork three alchemist three tinker maybe thank you so force maybe even gyro oh sweet warm the firaon page thing is 770 DPS I had this take his eye mr. I mr. a crystal is here my bad I think actually the front line is super good as it is right now I want to have three on the back to tank the assassins jumping in and wise enigma their steel and English would not be there Oh 700 the game 700 damage techies alchemists 3 make it happen not making it happen Oh Oh late so late I will slow maybe maybe it's my bad it's my fault and to in thun thun thun thun or warlocks or warlocks is a fuse Goodman if somehow the techies lived to plant two bombs if he managed to put two mines that would be over 1k DPS I think because he would not die the techies would not die probably probably from the from the four warlocks live steal take his ghost with one mine from low HP to fool so he will not die he just needs to put two mines that's a really good one Oh such a nice one that take is the tech is the techies to star came in just in time to finish the game we we adjusted really well against the mages that there were three or four majors in the game so we went for naga and then we drop the naga we did the Warlock sweet undead and a 2 star techies came in just in time to finish the game I hope you guys enjoyed that one on YouTube don't forget to like the video if you enjoyed it and subscribe to the channel if you're new also I stream on Twitch so don't forget to check it out and follow me thank you for watching I will see you in the next video good luck and have fun playing games


  1. A Very funny game, have been a while i don't a techies like that.
    But i still think you had better units than Enigma against the assassins, they are so low life that death pulse dosen't do more dmg than a Gyro ult for exemple.
    It was a good game Danny, missing your lives brother.
    Gl hf see you

  2. Hi danny , how do you find TFT ?
    I have tried every single autochess game
    TFT is by far the worst one by miles !!!!
    it's popular only because of LOL fan base , otherwise it's the worst crap ever !!!!

    what is your opinion on it ?

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