Дунули 50 bar в двигатель АИ-8

Дунули 50 bar  в двигатель АИ-8

Greetings to fans of turbo jet and gas turbine traction! Today we have a highly intelligent video. We’ll run this monster for the second time and try to put it into mode. Last time we nearly died because the engine was very boldly spinning. It feels like peddling. The engine overheated very much at startup. Apparently, too much starting fuel is being supplied. Well, the biggest pain is balancing. Balancing has been hurting my channel for three years now. Specifically, this instance of a gas turbine engine has strong vibrations, unfortunately. And if vibration cannot be defeated, then any practical use of this engine just pointless. And you guys always ask me: what, where, why, when? Etc. That is, where will I put it, why do I need it? When will this happen? Why am I running them all the time? . This is because I still couldn’t pick up a good working copy, which would work fine and it would be possible to install it somewhere normally. I had turbo starters that I installed in a BMW. There were two use cases car and jet thrust and turbo shaft. Here is the engine here, handsome, lies. The engine is very small. He is weak and putting him anywhere is not a good idea. This engine is much more powerful and we in past starts confirmed this. What a fusion it is. Everyone says: when will you build a plane? This is generally a separate topic of conversation. But a vehicle can be built on this engine. Only build from scratch. Not on a base, not on a BMW, or something else heavy … Still, something heavy this engine will not pull. There are not 1000 horses (hp) here and not 2000. There are some hundred horses (horsepower). But if you make something easy, then – it will be just a beast. It will be possible to drive, accelerate and make records of their speed local, local. Well, the plane, friends, well, it’s all … You certainly go too hard. To put an engine on a plane, it is not just amazing to be. The engine must be super reliable, very powerful. And preferably – economical. The plane must be done for a very long time. This is a big labor cost. Just unrealistic. Naturally embark on such labor costs I will only be then when I have the coolest engine. when I consider myself lucky. In the meantime, we will do what we do. We will start this engine and let’s hope that it will work fine. If the engine runs more or less normally, then you can put it somewhere. In the meantime, I quietly and peacefully charge the batteries. Batteries are here. Here is my charge. Already about 20 cycles probably used. They still won’t die. I think this is a decent indicator. Because I plant them almost to zero. I recently tried to do balancing and seemingly even something happened. And once again landed the batteries. They land somewhere in 12 launches. That is, imagine what power is here. Well, since I started talking about balancing, I consider it my duty to tell how did i do it. All the same, the video channel with highly intelligent public and need to tell and not hide all my methods. This method was prompted by one of my subscribers. Said, “Igor, why don’t you do that?” I myself thought, but it’s true. Friends, the essence of balancing is as follows: need to get rid of vibrations. The biggest problem is to understand better or worse. That is, how did I do it before? I spun the rotor in one way or another. He put his fingers. Fingers are probably our most sensitive organ in our body. I felt, tried, it became better or worse. And now I have already used an electronic device – mobile phone. This is how it looks. And here’s what the program looks like, with which I did balancing. For convenience and repeatability made a pad. I glued the phone like this on a double adhesive tape (adhesive tape). We turn on the program, that’s how this thing looks. And accordingly, I spun starter and looked at the vibrations. It is shown in three axes. With any fluctuations, waves appear on the graphs and you can navigate. That is, doing engine runs, I can see whether it has become better or worse. Accordingly, I picked up the goods, screwed a small nut onto the remains of the thread and looked. First revealed the place where he reacts best where to add. And after that I found out which cargo is best added to this place. Of course, this was not overly precise balancing. But much more accurate than manually. Here, at least it’s clear whether it has become better or worse. The sensor is quite sensitive. Moreover, it was possible to turn off the axis. That is, left only one axis. Now the z axis is left. Repeated this procedure at two ends. It’s just glued directly to the tape, without any platform. Because there is already some kind of platform and made a balance for one impeller and for the second. Here is such a load of 4 grams added. Well, on this side sawed inside the coca. Kok is unscrewed, a cut is made inside. The excess is removed and thereby the balance is achieved. So far, I have not started the engine yet. We will do everything together with you guys. I don’t want to do anything without you. I want to show everything. Anyway, what if the engine will fly, but you won’t see it. Right? It is necessary to remove everything and show everything. Hope you are for it. Support my channel with bold and cool like and viewing, please support. I am constantly crushed by not very big fans of turbo jet thrust. Of course, it is very difficult to break such a purposeful person. Nevertheless, guys … It already begins to seem to me that sometimes I do something wrong. So keep in the comments, if you think otherwise. That all this is interesting, all this is very necessary for you and informative and fun and stuff stuff stuff. In general, guys, I hope very much for your support. So guys, what was that? The engine started and checked it for vibration. My balancing helped. Vibrations decreased, probably a hundred times. Or maybe even more. When the engine is running and enters the mode, no vibrations at all. I feel vibrations only when the gas is released. When the engine is already stopped, there is a certain resonance. But in my opinion it is small. But unfortunately, it’s too early to rejoice. A number of serious problems emerged. Since we are starting it no longer with this one a small kerosene bottle. And launch from the barrel a little larger … A hundred times more. It turned out that the automatic fuel feed just makes the engine and somewhere it rests in defense and he stops himself. Had to upgrade the engine to such a state. So, a small review on the topic. First set up a tap, so that you can just regulate the speed. At least to some extent and at least to ensure that the engine is not cut off, so that he doesn’t come off, because he is so peddling is just a plague. You can’t even imagine. The crane put the airplane. This is how the tap can close. See what the inscription: emergency release of the chassis. The crane is designed for 50 atmospheres. And here the pump, as it turned out, pumps up to 36 atmospheres. My past pressure gauge crushed me. Now the manometer shows this. It shows 2 atmospheres without any pressure. But this is not surprising. Because here already began to go in the second round. Somewhere there he rested and bent inside. I had to replace the pressure gauge with a more serious one, which is up to 40 atmospheres. Today we will see what he will show us. I had to weld a very tricky pipeline, which is bent like this. And it just connects the pressure gauge, tap and fuel feed machine. But that, friends, is not all. This is not all the problems. The main problem, as it turned out, is the supply of oil. See which barrel you put in place of the last canister. But this is again a temporary option. It would be nice to do something aluminum. But it took a giant canister. For a 5 liter bottle can’t cope, butter hellishly foams and literally overheats in just seconds Therefore, I had to put a heat exchanger. I have not experienced it yet. I want to understand whether the oil will cool or not. But I think it will cool. The heat exchanger is very serious, with a large area. It will be cooled by fuel supply. Fuel is flowing along one circuit, and the oil goes in a different way. It turns out that they do not contact each other, but are in contact through the walls. I really want to believe in it, that everything will cool down normally. Because even 15 liters of oil that are there- when you start this whole system, they heat up degrees to 60 centigrade, in just a couple of minutes. What a couple of minutes? Probably even less. In a minute. I didn’t run it for longer. Very scary. – Let’s go run? -Let’s go. – Tell me, are we growing? – We are growing. More interesting guys. Look how much kerosene has to be purchased. Already less. You can’t show him. It’s just tin, what kind of person … Okay, I think it’s enough anyway. It’s necessary to refuel this barrel. it’s just the same complete refueling I showed you. the barrel works fine. there are no complaints. But this is not all the modernizations carried out. See which piece you installed. This is a pressure gauge. He will show the pressure created by the compressor. That is, air pumping. Here you all need to recognize this connector – pneumatic standard, any hoses can be connected and take air pressure. A pressure of about 3 bar should be. And that’s not all. The wires to the engine had to be strengthened. Here, too, I start up two wires, because once I melted and burned out here. The starter is now very hot. But for some reason, the batteries, which are just charged they began to discharge less that feeling. Apparently the engine is spinning fast, less goes to heat. And more in the promotion. And this switch, which I tested for a short circuit still works. He is already about I withstood 10-15 launches. And quickly summarize. Now we need to check how it goes into mode, check the operation of the crane. Check the pressure that is created at the minimum and at the maximum. Then check how much the compressor pumps. Check how the oil cools. This thing should not get very hot from long work. That is, to infinity. Somewhere must stop. Desirable, at 80 degrees (Celsius), no more. Next, let’s see what kind of oil pressure is being created. It should be around 5 bar. What else? Let’s see how it starts with fire, without fire, and so on. It seems to be all. Let’s get started! – We have not shown the most important thing. – What’s this? Oh yes! Security is also present. The engine previously simply lay on our stand, which is unsafe. Now it is wound with Kevlar thread. Each this thread can withstand 750 kilograms. That is, more than two tons holds. Wrapped just like that around. Tied to a bow (knot) and all is well. It seems that we are again drowning for safety. -How many times did I pull out a ton? I give a thousand rubles if you snatch. A thousand? Do you push 100 kilograms? Are you pulling? 300. Let’s get started! The main thing is to monitor the oil pressure. Something out there. Very hard pressed. Released and start up to 30 bar to push. Although before that we started, no more than 20 bar was. It is visible that something is sticking somewhere in this machine and it is very scary actually. But you saw, friends, all the pressure when wrapping this crane. The pressure in the fuel system rises. This time up to 30 bar He has a maximum of 36. And here it rose to 2.5 atmospheres. That is, the wheels are calm, cylinders can be pumped. Through this fitting to the car, at least on KAMAZ trucks, at least where. She is so hot! Again sparks flew from the engine. Of course, such power! Unfortunately I can’t measure the turns. Because the laser penetrates somewhere in the side. We’ll be blowing now. And what is it she caught fire? Stunned or what? The main thing is that the bottom of the basement does not catch fire. The oil pressure was about 3-4 kilograms. The temperature is about 50 degrees (Celsius). Even here is 60. It’s not bad. Cools down. Despite the fact that now even he broke through at some maximum. The spool itself is unstuck. Nonetheless. But sparks are less and less. The only thing they start to show themselves when the engine enters a stronger mode. Now there is a need to measure traction. We must still do it. And see what happens. How old was it? More than 40? The fuel pressure reached 50 bar. He should not be given more than 36 bar. And somehow it doesn’t feel that there is a promotion of the engine. It just went pressure and that’s it. I can’t understand what this is connected with. What does the oil show here? Oh, these terrible experiments! Oil is 50-60 degrees, normal. Oil temperature does not rise. Even with the increased power. Has time to cool the fuel. The fuel, however, turns out to be very hot in front of the nozzles. By the way, I do not know whether it is good or bad. I think that’s fine. Friends, it turns out that the engine idling gives 30 kilograms of thrust. The maximum mode reaches 40. But there the fuel pressure reached 40, even went to the second round. Perhaps up to 50. But it did not have time to unwind in order to scatter. I was just stunned when I saw red here red-hot nozzle apparatus outside. It was a shock to me. I immediately cut down the switch. Something must be done with this. Need to deal with the pressure so that you can smoothly serve and at the same time compressor blows 2 bars. This is also a lot. He should work quietly from one bar. Although even all my 0.25 bar engines had a small stroke, low gas mode. But here I have 10 times less gas idle mode. Cool, of course, the motor. Everything seems to work. It seems that the vibration did not particularly increase. At least I think so. We must move on. With a nozzle thrust will be much more. This is 100%. And I have everything with this video. If you want to continue to see these videos on the channel, be sure to support the video – view, like and commentary. It is advisable not one. Goodbye everyone! Igor Negoda.


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